1. UPDATE Elpost Shiplab v2.1.0 -> v2.1.1

    Magento 2 module Elpost Shiplab got version 2.1.1

    Fixed bugs

    1. A critical error with printing PDF label from Order in Customer Account
    2. Checking quantity for RMA label. See for UPS and DHL
    3. Checking State code for Access Point. See Elpost Shiplab for Magento / UPS Configuration / Access Point
    4. PHP code refactoring for PSR2

    We hope you will like these updates

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  2. UPDATE Elpost Shiplab v2.0.0 -> v2.1.0

    Magento 2 module Elpost Shiplab got version 2.1.0

    New functionality

    1. Time in Transit for Shipping Methods. Now you can show arrival date on checkout page in Shipping block. See UPS and DHL
    2. Request to Shipping Rates API make with the shipment date given weekend and closing time. See Shipping Methods

    Fixed bugs

    1. Function isAccessPoint threw an exception if an order has not flagged as Access Point
    2. Access Point popup didn't show on the checkout page with some cases

    We hope you like these updates

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  3. UPDATE Elpost Shiplab v1.0.0 -> v2.0.0

    We updated our magento 2 module. Elpost Shiplab got version 2.0.0

    We added three very important opportunity

    1. Shipping Methods. Now you can create shipping methods for UPS with rules and the custom price. Custom price can be: empty, 0, 20, -20, -10%, +20, +20%. If empty then it uses carrier rates. Allowed symbols: 0-9.-+%. Indicate in base currency
    2. UPS Access Point. UPS Access Point Network for Online Retail Delivery. Offer convenient delivery locations to help close more sales. Follow by this reference for more information.
    3. Packing Slips for Pickups. It prints PDF documents that contain products for each tracking
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