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Other Options settings of DHL Express shipping

Path: Elpost -> Configuration -> DHL Express -> Other Options

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Other Options settings of DHL Express shipping

Saturday Pickup: Get the same delivery commitment as a package shipped on a Friday. 
DHL Express will collect your package on a Saturday at your request. Saturday Pickup includes packages tendered to DHL Express and packages dropped off at retail locations on Saturday.

Saturday Delivery: DHL Express offers the convenience of Saturday Delivery. Saturday Delivery is more convenient than ever. Saturday Delivery commitment times depend on the shipping service you choose.

Send Tracking Number: If "Yes" then the module will send the tracking number to customer email

GoGreen Carbon Neutral, GoGreen Carbon Footprint, GoGreen Carbon Estimate: Your business can reduce its carbon footprint while demonstrating your commitment to sustainability. DHL Express carbon neutral is just one way we are reducing our impact on the environment. We are constantly evaluating how many miles we drive, how much fuel, paper, and water we use, and even how much noise our airplanes make. 

Door To: Door to Door, Door to Airport, Airport to Airport, Door to Door non-Compliant.

Delivery Confirmation: Verify that your shipment was delivered with your choice of signature or adult signature options.

Order Status After Created Shipping Label: Will change order status after success creating shipping labels

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods

Product Categories with Dangerous Goods: choose product categories which to have dangerous goods or hazardous materials.

For each category, which contains dangerous goods or hazardous materials fill the necessary data

Configuration of Dangerous Goods

Content ID: This element contains the Dangerous Goods Content ID that included in the shipment.

UN Code: This element contains the Dangerous Goods with Excepted Quantities attributes using UN code that included in the shipment.

Label Description: This element contains the Dangerous Goods Label Description that included in the shipment. It is recommended to leave it empty and it will be lookup via label rendering for the updated description.

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