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Other Options settings of FedEx shipping

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Other Options settings of FedEx shipping

Saturday Pickup: Get the same delivery commitment as a package shipped on a Friday. 
FedEx will collect your package on a Saturday at your request. Saturday Pickup includes packages tendered to FedEx and packages dropped off at retail locations on Saturday.

Saturday Delivery: FedEx offers the convenience of Saturday Delivery. Saturday Delivery is more convenient than ever. Saturday Delivery commitment times depend on the shipping service you choose.

Send Tracking Number: If "Yes" then the module will send the tracking number to customer email 

Delivery Confirmation: Verify that your shipment was delivered with your choice of signature or adult signature options.

Order Status After Created Shipping Label: Will change order status after success creating shipping labels


SmartPost for FedEx

Hub ID: Your FedEx SmartPost Hub ID is a numerical ID that corresponds with the nearest FedEx SmartPost processing hub to you.

Ancillary Endorsement Type: These values are mutually exclusive; at most one of them can be attached to a SmartPost shipment. Note: F or FedEx SmartPost Standard Mail (Presorted Standard < 1 lb.) shipments with delivery confirmation, either RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED or ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED is permitted.

Indicia Type: Specify the indicia type. Available options include:

  • PARCEL_SELECT (1 LB through 70 LBS)
  • PRESORTED_STANDARD (less than 1 LB)
    Note: PRESORTED_STANDARD indicia type is called as Parcel Select Lightweight by USPS.

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods

Product Categories with Dangerous Goods: choose product categories which to have dangerous goods or hazardous materials.

For each category, which contains dangerous goods or hazardous materials fill the necessary data

Configuration of Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods Regulations:  Identifies the source of regulation for hazardous commodity data.

  • DOT – U.S. Department of Transportation has primary responsibility for overseeing the transportation in commerce of hazardous materials, commonly called “HazMats”
  • ADR – European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road
  • IATA – International Air Transport Association Dangerous Goods
  • ORMD – Other Regulated Materials for Domestic transport only

Dangerous Goods Accessibility: This option helps FedEx identify whether or not the products being shipped are accessible or inaccessible during delivery.

  • Accessible – The cabin crew can access the dangerous goods package
  • Inaccessible – The cabin crew cannot access the dangerous goods package

Cargo Aircraft Only: When Yes indicates that the package can be transported only on a cargo aircraft

Hazardous Commodity Option Type: Indicates which kind of hazardous content is being reported.

  • HAZARDOUS_MATERIALS: Package contains hazardous materials requiring complete documentation, using HazardousCommodityDescription data. Batteries with 5 grams or more of lithium should also be labeled HAZMAT. See Hazardous Materials (FedEx Ground U.S.) for more information.
  • BATTERY: Package contains batteries with nonhazardous quantities of lithium. Nonhazardous batteries contain less than 5 grams of lithium. HazMat batteries contain 5 grams or more of lithium and will be treated as hazardous materials.
  • ORM_D/LIMITED_QUANTITIES_COMMODITES: Package contains other regulated materials for U.S. shipping.
  • SMALL_QUANTITY_EXCEPTION: Package contains hazardous content in excepted quantities.
  • REPORTABLE_QUANTITIES: Package contains hazardous materials in an amount that needs to be reported.

Packing Option: Indicates whether there is additional customer provided packaging enclosing the approved dangerous goods containers.

Packing Type: Indicates whether there are additional inner receptacles within this container.

Reference ID: Identifies the configuration of this dangerous goods package. The common configuration is represented at the shipment level.

Container Type: Indicates the type of this dangerous goods container, as specified by the IATA packing instructions. For example, steel cylinder, fiberboard box, plastic jerrican and steel drum.

Radioactive Container Class: Indicates the packaging type of the container used to package the radioactive materials.

Hazardous Commodities Description ID: Regulatory identifier for a commodity (e.g. "UN ID" value).

Hazardous Commodity Packing Group: Identifies IATA (DOT) packing group for a hazardous commodity.

Hazardous Commodity Packing Instruction: Coded specification for how commodity is to be packed.

Hazardous Commodity Proper Shipping Name: Hazardous material proper shipping name. Up to three description lines of 50 characters each are allowed for a HazMat shipment.

Hazardous Commodity Technical Name: Hazardous material technical name.

Hazardous Commodity Class: IATA hazardous material class or division.

Hazardous Commodity Subsidiary Class: Hazardous material subsidiary class.

Hazardous Commodity Quantity Type: Specifies which measure of quantity is to be validated.

Radioactivity Transport Index: Specify the maximum radiation level from the package (measured in microSieverts per hour at a distance of one meter from the external surface of the package, divided by 10).

Radioactivity Surface Reading.

Radioactivity Criticality Safety Index.

Radionuclide: An atom with an unstable nucleus.

Radionuclide Activity Value: The number of radioactive decays per second.

Radionuclide Unit Of Measure: Valid values are BQ, GBQ, KBQ, MBQ, PBQ, TBQ.

Radionuclide Excepted Packaging Is Reportable Quantity: Valid values are EXCEPTED, EXCEPTED_PACKAGE.

Radionuclide Physical Form: Valid values are GAS, LIQUID, SOLID, SPECIAL.

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