Elpost Shiplab for Magento / UPS Configuration / Packaging

Creation packages are doing automatic. And it has a manual mode also. Packages calculate with weight, dimensions, and boxes

Path: Elpost -> Configuration -> UPS -> Packaging

* Screenshots are clickable

UPS Packaging Configuration

Type: It usually selected as Customer Supplied Package

Additional Handling: The Additional Handling fee is an extra charge for shipments that require special handling while being transported by UPS. More Information

Average Product Weight: If your products don't have weight then set average weight and module calculate packages with this weight

Pack Weight: Used if dimensions boxes are not using

Average Product Width, Average Product LengthAverage Product Height: If your products don't have dimensions then set average dimensions and module calculate packages with these dimensions

Applicable Boxes: Select all boxes or specific boxes

Exclude Product Categories: Products of selected categories will not be pack in boxes. Each product in these categories will be a separate package

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